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    Targeted at joint, muscle, bone, teeth, gum and skin care*.

    Their health function comes from the properties awarded by COLPROPUR® collagen protein (natural, very assimilable and pure) with vitamin C. They are presented in the form of a fully soluble powder.

    It is a nutritional aid for all ages and situations, but there are some groups and circumstances for which it is particularly indicated, especially for people who need special care of their joint, bone, muscle, teeth, gum or skin care:

    • icono select People over 40 years of age, particularly women and the elderly.
    • icono select Sportspeople or people who do regular physical exercise or weightlifting.
    • icono select People set to have or who have recently had a implant, cancer treatment, surgery or cosmetic surgery.
    • icono select People keen to maintain joint flexibility, bone and muscle wellbeing and smooth skin.

    Distinctive features of COLPROPUR® collagen: