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  • Food supplements with perceptible health benefits

    Natural, effective and collagen-based food supplements for the daily protection of joints, muscles, bones, teeth and skin.

    Our products, mainly based on the health properties of hydrolysed collagen COLPROPUR (highly assimilable and pure) are designed to be a nutritional aid that makes a natural and effective contribution to the wellbeing of the organic tissues that have their internal structure made by collagen (joints, bones, muscles, gums, teeth and skin).

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      Results in 3 months


      With medicines and supplements

    • SAFE

      No adverse effects


      At source and in the manufacturing process

    • PURE

      FREE FROM fat, sugar, artificial sweeteners and colourings, preservatives and chemical residues



    Product range


    For people who want to take natural and effective care of their joints, bones and skin ... More information


    Perfect for people who also want to take special care of their muscles ... More information

    About us

    Experts in collagen

    Behind COLPROPUR products there’s PROTEIN, S.A., a company that has been dedicated to the development and preparation of high-quality natural food ingredients and products for more than 40 years. We specialise in the production of hydrolysed collagen protein, an activity where we are one of the leading companies in Europe.

    We are also a dynamic and knowledgeable team with immense confidence in our products. That makes us unstoppable.

    An innovative spirit has powered us to deliver on major challenges and create a production plant designed by our inhouse technicians and engineers with exclusive technology featuring processes that do not involve chemical products. This allows us to guarantee maximum product quality and full respect for the environment.

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    • Proven nutritional properties

    • Strict quality standards

    • Innovative nutritional supplements

    • Effective, pure and natural product